Zaria's Journal - Page 2

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This note drops from Zaria, the Carver in the Village of Darkvale.

I have been informed by messengers of the Bloodlord that the preparations for the resurrection at the Necropolis have begun. Our time to seize the town is now. The sheriff and his peacekeepers will be dealt with first. With them gone, the remaining civilians will fall in line with our doctrines or be harvested for the ritual. I have already dispatched my loyal Bloodsworn to barricade the Darkvale Gates, trapping the refugees inside. They will all fuel the ritual in due time.

Once news of this reaches the Black Legion, we will have to be prepared for a counter assault. I will personally see to converting the frightened and misguided who remain in Darkvale. If they will not join our cause, then they can dance at the end of a rope and be drained as encouragement to those who have yet to choose.

They must all learn that there is no place safer than under the guidance of the Bloodlord. They must come to understand that there is no peace to be found in the lands to the south. Only in the warm embrace of Ch'thon will we truly be where we belong.

-Zaria the Carver

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