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This note is found in a house in the Village of Darkvale.

Everything is proceeding as the Bloodlord had intended. My year-long employment as the town's Apothecary has earned me the people's trust and I am now in the perfect position to spread our cause. And for those who refuse to listen to reason, who refuse to embrace the truth that is Ch'thon, my position as healer has made it an easy thing to take life without arousing suspicion. A little bit of powder from the Asterkarn Nightshade root mixed in with a prescription will put anyone to sleep for hours.

After that, it is a simple matter of retrieving the dissenter and perform the required observances. With each person we return to Ch'thon, I carve His sigil in their flesh. For me it is the most important step in early stage of the draining ritual. The blood drains quickly from a slit across the carotid artery and drains into the specially prepared oak casks that the carpenter, another blessed by the Bloordlord with this task, prepares for me. Not as nice as the glass vessels we have been preparing, but much easier to hide suspicion. The body is stored in a second barrel, weighed down with stones, and then sunk to the bottom of the lake. Nearly every death over the last year has added to our tribute with no suspicion falling upon us.

But now, with the servants of the false gods arriving at the capital and spreading havoc across the empire, our time has finally arrived to reveal ourselves from the shadows and usher humanity into the end times. All shall receive the gift of reunification!

-Zaria, Apothecary of Darkvale

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