Zanbrandt's Notes

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Zanbrandt's Notes is a note found on a lectern in the Underground Jail.

My colleague Gethrand took his life today - that shortsighted fool. He could never see the big picture and this project was no different. Gethrand could not fathom the glorious vision of the Aetherials and the role we will play as early human collaborators. This isn't about personal gain. We will elevate humanity! Certainly there has been a cost in lives but progress always has a price. So what of the dirty masses who will perish in the Glorious Dawn when the Aetherials reveal themselves to the world. To the Aetherials we are like some base primitive creature, as the Slith are to us. Those of us who will serve, or better yet, bond with an Aetherial, shall forge a new human future.

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