Writings of Yeathleanis

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Writings of Yeathleanis is a note found inside a chest in the Tomb of Ugdall.

We hoped that prayer and ritual would protect us, that distance would play in our favor. But even in these remote temples, the hubris of our Oligarchs and the grand deception of the necromancer finds us.

I watch as the elders of my order descend hopelessly into endless madness and the youngest among us pray for death that will never come. But I find power in eternity. I focus my mind on ancient texts, rituals, learnings of those who came before. There is more knowledge than even immortality will permit me to retain; and so, as my body fails me, I pray only that my mind sustains.

Where a ritual that bound us to this cursed fate exists, there must also be knowledge that will undo our cruel bonds.

Time is on my side, I will find the answers.