Writings of Rion the Scholar - Final Entry

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This note is found in the in the northern section of the Cairan Docks.

Sadly my time here has come to an end, and I find myself back at the Cairan Docks where I first embarked on this a most magnificent journey. I met once again with my captivating local contact. Katrice is her name, I've learned. And as if this marvelous place were eager to grant me a parting gift, she agreed to share in my final night's lodging.

Tomorrow I shall once again board the merchant ship Spire and depart for distant shores. My destination, Cape Erine and the untamed lands that lie beyond. There I will attempt to make contact with the indigenous peoples and study their deep understanding of herbal medicine and insatiable penchant for human sacrifice.

Wherever my travels take me I shall certainly cherish my time here in the Korvan Basin.

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