Writings of Rion the Scholar - 3rd Entry

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This note is found inside a Dilapidated Urn in the Remnants of Korvan City.

Today was my first full day in Korvan City and I must say I am as awestruck by its majesty as I was when I first landed at the Cairan Docks. The focal point of the city is a grand temple dedicated to the Eldritch Sun, Korvaak, a deity I am unfamiliar with but one that dominates local theology. The temple's majesty is indescribable. It seems to dwarf everything in sight, even nearby mountains. And it radiates with such an energy that its heat can be felt even in the midday sun. Even I, a skeptic, find myself in sheer admiration. I've been told that the heat of the temple had dwindled for some years but has recently rekindled, a cause for celebration and ritual. I suspect it is built on a geological feature, perhaps a volcano or hot spring of some sort. I should very much wish to gain access to the inside. Though, as I discovered by visiting several smaller temples around the city, this is unlikely to happen. The main temple holds particular importance and entry is strictly prohibited to outsiders.

Though it appears to be the focal point of the local faith, Korvaak is by no means the only entity worshipped by the Korvan people. There also appear to be lesser gods whom the people call ascendants. What that means exactly, I am not clear on and nobody had a straight answer for me either. The stories regarding these individuals vary, and not all of them seem to be holy men or even devout practitioners. By my observation, they may well be wealthy individuals that have bought their way to deification and the social reverence that comes with. Nonetheless, minor temples were constructed in their honor and they are all worshipped in their own right and for various means, sometimes even before death.

I should very much like to know what qualifies a person for a place of such honor and so tomorrow I will be visiting several temples positioned around the main Temple of the Eldritch Sun. If birthright will not grant me access, then perhaps the grease of a few coins will.

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