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Word of Inquisitor Abalon

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Word of Inquisitor Abalon is an Epic off-hand focus item. It has level 65 Empowered and level 82 Mythical versions.

This item is available only with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Word of Inquisitor Abalon Icon.png

Word of Inquisitor Abalon

"Inquisitor Abalon was one of the most daring inquisitors of his time, willing to make use of any relic so long as it ultimately served the security of the empire. Some would later call his methods heresy."
Epic Off-Hand

+76% Vitality Damage
+60% Elemental Damage
+76% Vitality Decay
50% Vitality Damage converted to Elemental Damage
+322 Health
+4.4 Energy Regenerated per second
+10% Casting Speed
+16% Skill Cooldown Reduction
+2 to Drain Essence
+1 to all skills in Inquisitor

Required Player Level: 50
Required Spirit: 475
Item Level: 50

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