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"The Witch Gods, born of man, had ascended to raise us from our own ignorance. If you are willing to listen, they may open your eyes as well." - The Hidden Path - Solael

The Witch Gods are three deities who reside in the Eldritch Realm.

Runestone of Dreeg Icon.png

Dreeg, the oldest, watches over all. His peerless gaze pierces through your very soul and sees you for who you really are.

Runestone of Bysmiel Icon.png

Bysmiel, through her vast web of servants, tugs on the strings of fate that bind all. It was she who taught the first occultists in the art of binding eldritch beings and it is through her machinations that the empire is still aimlessly hunting worshippers to this day, their inquisitors confounded by the endless weave of decoys and dead ends.

Runestone of Solael Icon.png

Solael, the youngest of the Three. Eldritch fire is at his behest, the very essence of the eldritch realm his to mold and shape as he sees fit. Clothed in black robes that hide his gaunt frame, Solael glides unseen through the shadowy veil to hunt unwitting mortals for their vitality. Many a devout of Solael had been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice, to present themselves before the dark god and offer their life so that Solael may bestow his infinite wisdom upon those that remain.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the Witch Gods, but that is precisely how the Three prefer to operate, from the shadows, away from prying eyes and the heavy hand of the Empire. The Inquisitors are well-versed in sniffing out followers of the heretical faith, but even they have not been able to completely eradicate what is widely considered a danger to the integrity and well-being of the nation. But that is the rhetoric of the ignorant, of those afraid of what truths may lie within the shadows.

Then there are those who had witnessed the power of the eldritch realm, and the gods that reside within. They are the raving thralls of Dreeg, the power-hungry worshippers of Solael and the scheming followers of Bysmiel. To them, the Empire only seeks to obscure the real truths, to silence them from spreading the message bestowed upon them by the Three.

With the Empire in shambles and the world forever changed by the arrival of the Aetherials, something has stirred within the eldritch realm. And as their hour nears, thousands of believers worshipping in secret await the call when at last the Witch Gods rise from the eldritch weave and reclaim their world.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Though the Three are now as one, it was not always so. Wary of the other's power, they quarreled across Cairn in destructive displays of Eldritch might. Mountains crumbled and RIVERS shifted, but no god emerged the victor..." - Runestone of Dreeg
  • " ...In the end it was Solael who looked past the carnage and saw the inevitability of their actions. In truth, none could triumph where all three were equal. He sent his loyal Attendant to speak before the rest of a resolution. They would seal a pact, there among the SWAMPY remains of their last skirmish." - Runestone of Solael
  • "...And so, by the light of the EASTERN star, the Three joined together at their Sanctum. Bound by divine blood, their quarrels put to rest. The Covenant of the Three was forged." - Runestone of Bysmiel
  • "The raven represents guile. It is for this reason that the witch gods have taken favor in ravens as their familiars and messengers." - Raven Constellation
  • "Weapon blessed by the witch gods and gifted to their followers in order to defend their sanctuaries from the wrath of the inquisition." - Witching Hour
  • "Recent events bring trouble to my heart. A mortal, one of the Erulan inquisitors they call Kymon, has stumbled upon something. Something...ancient and forgotten. And like any imprudent mortal, he did not leave what should have remained forgotten alone. A mighty blaze now stirs deep beneath the Korvan Plateau. The beasts of Cairn are restless. They sense it too. To compound this mystery, the normally capricious false gods have gone curiously silent. I suspect they've receded to their pocket realm. The timing cannot be fortuitous. The Witch Gods are afraid. Their attention must be drawn to the same power that now consumes the souls of Kymon and his chosen. The mortals' ardent worship feeds it, gives it strength and form." - Mogdrogen's Ruminations

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