Whispers from Beyond

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Whispers from Beyond is a note found in a chest in the south-east corner of Coven's Refuge.

The words were subtle at first, like an itch in the back of my mind. They were garbled, impossible to make out their meaning. But they would not relent. They became an incessant distraction, a calling much like Malostria's message that once beckoned me to this place; except while the Matron came to me in my dreams, these words were without respite, without end. I can feel my attention waning when performing even rudimentary tasks.

At times, one voice would rise above the rest in the maddening chorus, and then I could deduce its meaning. This clarity never lasted long and soon the chorus would resume. Never would the same voice gain power over the others. Each time it was as if another sought my ear. They spoke of webs and spiders and places I have never seen nor heard of. Sometimes they woke me in terror as they screamed of fire and vengeance unlike the world had ever seen.

I spoke of this to the Matron, and her eyes would dart quickly toward old Rugia before staring into mine. She tried to console me as best she could, but we both knew what fate awaits those born wit this curse. I only wish I could derive some meaning from the darkness before the madness claims my soul.

It seems however that it is not to be...