What does the future hold?

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This note is found in a house in the north east of Barrowholm, inside a Weathered Chest.

In these trying times, I often find myself in prayer. My mind fills with questions for which there cannot be answers; or, if there are, could we truly be meant to know them?

The gods work in mysterious ways. Our patron gives and takes, but I believe he is generous to those who follow without question. I now understand the necessities of our existence, that our choices have consequences and that we must bow our heads in reverence for all that we had been given.

We can never forget that without Him, we would be as nothing. Our homes would be consumed by the waters of the bog and our people devoured by the wendigos that had succumbed to madness. From them, we must take example; for disobedience breeds death, and we must remain resolute in our commitment.