Web is Spun

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This note is found inside a Dilapidated Urn in the Forgotten Cellar.

Mistress of the web, the ear to Bysmiel's whispers, I have done all that you have asked.

As you wisely surmised, the fanatics known as the Kymon's Chosen are here, in the Korvan lands. We have tracked their movements from the Arkovian Foothills north to Sorrow's Bastion. From there their leader, a former Luminari inquisitor who now calls himself Father Kymon, has dispatched his fervent followers to gather relics and to wage war against the Chthonic cult. It appears that he was successful on whatever endeavor he set out to accomplish as one night we saw him leaving the bastion with a fraction of his forces, the ones we've surmised were his more staunch followers.

They did not travel far, just to a nearby clearing where a wisp of flame manifested itself before them. In a flash, it tore a rift through the very air, much like your gifts bestowed by the Schemer, and Kymon and his ilk vanished into thin air. At that time, we thought the trail had gone cold, but you were correct in dispatching us after we arrived at the Conclave. We uncovered remnants of camps on the edge of the desert sands and tracks leading north. As you've surmised, they seem to be after the Valley of the Chosen and the temple beyond.

More concerningly, Kymon's Chosen appear to have taken up a new banner and some of them have been undergoing... changes. They've branded their foreheads with strange runes and their eyes turned to flame. We've observed some convulsing in their sleep as a gaping furnace opened in their guts. It seems by virtue of being closer to their ultimate goal, they've begun some kind of transformation.

Nevertheless, one of our own has infiltrated their ranks and will continue to report back to me with any findings or further disturbing reports. You will also be pleased to know that the grand web is working amongst the ranks of the Solael's and Dreeg's followers. They will make no move without our knowledge, and certainly they will make no discoveries in this land that we cannot take advantage of.

By the spider's will.

- Areaka of the Shadows