We're On Our Own

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We're On Our Own is a note found in Arkovian Docks. It drops from Rutnick the Cruel.

Cronley's lost it, I'm telling ya!

Bastard's got in his head that we can just march on over to Devil's Crossing and take the place like they was dying in there. For what! Revenge? Bourbon's small fish and that settlement's low on supplies. They's as good as dead.

Taking it is a fool's errand anyway. With the bridge out, it's practically an unassailable fortress. But Darius is gonna throw lives at it.

Yeah, we got us them crystals in our backs making every man feel like a hundred, but that does us no good when the only way into Devil's Crossing is up a sheer cliff and a bullet to the brains.

No, Cronley and I are through. Me and the boys is headed for easier targets. To the west lie big farmlands, no doubt unspoiled by what's going down in the towns and villages. Farmers will be easy pickings and the food should last us the year before we pack up and move on again.

No sense in sticking around this disjointed crew no longer. Now who's with me?!