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See: The Warden (creature), The Warden (Quest)

Before the Grim Dawn he was the warden of Devil's Crossing. He lived in a mansion in the Burrwitch Estates, performing experiments on taken prisoners in his Hidden Laboratory.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "How much do you know of the former Warden? Rumors of Krieg's strange and violent behavior even reached my ears in the distant capital. When he failed to respond to multiple summons, an agent was dispatched from the capital to... resolve the situation. Unfortunately, the Grim Dawn was unleashed before the man could reach Krieg. At least, I assume that must be what happened." - Ulgrim
  • "I have taken possession of my assigned vessel, the local prison warden. I appeared to him in his bed chamber and proposed the joining. I had anticipated fear and skepticism but these humans are apparently all too ready to enter into any pact they believe will profit them. Krieg is not a particularly strong willed human but he is persistent and constantly scratches at my consciousness. I have him under control though. Krieg's position as an incarcerator of other humans will greatly facilitate our efforts. His expansive dwelling has a massive cellar that I believe we can use to fashion an underground transit to conceal our activities and the transport of bodies. There is much work ahead to prepare for our Glorious Dawn but I rather enjoy this physical body. It has many advantages." - Warden Krieg's Journal
  • "The armor of the old Burrwitch Warden is permanently warped by the Aetherial's tainted essence." - Krieg's Armament Set

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