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This note drops from Watcher Ygraad in Port Valbury: High Town (25% chance).

Notice of Luminari Directive

The Luminari have long suspected that witches are hiding among regular people, even here in Port Valbury. Any individual performing unsanctioned Arcane acts or dispersing forbidden knowledge without the training and approval of the Gildam Arcanum is rightfully marked as a heretic and a witch. Citizens are reminded that all Arcane knowledge is dangerous without proper training and is strictly controlled for your safety by Imperial Decree.

Diligent citizens are encouraged to report suspicious activity to the offices of Van Aldritch, High Advisor to the Mayor of Port Valbury. Anyone suspected of witchcraft or harboring a witch will be detained at the local jail and then transported to Malmouth for formal inquiry and trial. Individuals found guilty of the aforementioned crimes will be burnt at the stake, as decreed by the Imperial High Court.

Responsible citizens who perform their duty in the interest of public safety by reporting these malicious acts will be justly compensated with Imperial coin.

By order of High Advisor Van Aldritch