Vizier Erhaman's Note

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This note is found in the Tomb of Sethan.

The temple grows cold. No longer does the warmth of its heart wash over the city below. I do not know what has transpired, what could possibly cause such an event, but the patrons of the lesser temples have begun to notice. Those who come to pay homage approach me after prayer with questions I cannot answer. "Have we angered Korvaak?", "Has the Eldritch Sun waned?". They are rightfully concerned and scared. However, these are the types of emotions which spur wavering faith and thoughts of dissent. There are even some who speak openly against the temple. Though they are few in number, I am concerned that recent events may embolden them. They have the potential to become the rotting core at the center of a larger movement.

In the meantime, I have pleaded to the elders for guidance, for words of calm that I might share with the patrons of the temple. They give no notice to my anxieties. I am told to continue on as I always have, for Korvaak's flame is with us as certainly as the sun rises each day.

The Eldritch Sun works in ways I do not hope to comprehend, but we must take heed when the populace becomes restless. The foundations of our city, of our very faith must not be shaken. I will do more than just offer the people words, I will give them a spectacle, a grand sacrifice to the heart of the temple.