Viloth, the Corruptor

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Viloth, the Corruptor is a unique boss creature that can be found in the Devil's Aquifer. Killing her is necessary to complete the And Not a Drop to Drink quest.

Family: Beastkin

Genus: Slith

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type
Acid Attacks Passive Skill x Acid Damage
x Reduced Defensive Ability for 3 Seconds
x% Chance to Deflect Projectiles
Enrage Cast speed and Damage buff at 30% health 30 Second Duration
15% Damage Absorption
+30% to All Damage
Festering Pool AoE 3 Meter Radius
8 Second Duration
x Physical Damage
x Cold Damage
X Acid Damage
Poison Nova projectile poison dmg nova 12 Projectiles in a 360 degree arc
x Physical Damage
x Acid Damage
x Poison Damage over 5 Seconds
-30% Movement Speed over 3 Seconds
Tidal Wave wave attack x Physical Damage
x Cold Damage
x Poison Damage over 3 Seconds

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Level 4 Hero/Boss Resistances

  • 20% Cold Resistance
  • 8% Physical Resistance
  • 8% Pierce Resistance
  • 25% Poison & Acid Resistance

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Viloth's Ring Icon.png Viloth's Ring

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