Vanguard Must Hold

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This note is found in the Vanguard of the Three.

Our efforts to the north have been met with increasing resistance. The fanatics have become aware of our activities and are attempting to push us back.

At first, they merely tested our defenses. Watching them pass through our defensive wards was a pleasing sight and the stench of burning flesh filled the air. Unfortunately, they were more prepared during later incursions and I regret to say that our wards are no longer holding them back. The sentinels have suffered some injuries during these initial exchanges, but no casualties.

The followers of Kymon have greater numbers than we suspected, and the powers they are harnessing are unlike any we've dealt with before, and more gruesome. In the most recent strike, a bare-chested behemoth of a man with his face flayed off charged the vanguard in a whirlwind of blades. His gut was exposed to reveal a churning furnace of molten flames that he unleashed upon our forces. Within moments, he had taken out four of our sentinels without pause. Only when we had finally brought him down by removing his head did we realize that his arms had been removed at the elbows and fused with burning-hot blades. To our relief, when he fell the other fanatics retreated. I dread to think what would happen if several such giants attacked us at once.

I pray to Dreeg that the time to strike is nearly upon us and that our main force at the Conclave will meet us here, as without reinforcements the Vanguard will not hold out much longer; but do not interpret this as hesitation. We will fight to the last to keep this point secure in the name of the Witch Gods!