Uroboruuk's Journal - Page 2

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Uroboruuk's Journal - Page 2 is a note that drops from Uroboruuk's Guardian in Craig's Crags during the Search for Uroboruuk quest.

I will rip the bones from a thousand for this treachery. At a great cost I have survived a deadly attack.

I had discovered a large contingent of Chthonic fiends. At first, I thought they were the source of power that I sought and so I trailed them. As they travelled East, I soon realized that they too were after the same thing as I. They made their way to the cliffs by way of the swamp. In following them, I had walked right into an ambush as I was suddenly attacked from behind.

The fight was devastating and I destroyed dozens in the ensuing conflict. However, in the midst of battle, several of the Harbingers cornered my Guardian. I first believed they intended to destroy it; but when they exploded, a rush of Chthonic energy surged into my creation and severed our link. The animated mass of bone turned on me, and I knew then that the Harbingers had found a way to corrupt my necromantic creation. I do not yet understand how they were capable of such an act, but it was unlike anything I have ever seen Chthonic beings do.

If the fiends of the Void are able to harness this power on a larger scale, then even the Order of Death's Vigil will find itself outmatched. I must maintain hope that what I seek will be an answer to fighting this darkness. With each step the power grows and others will be drawn to it. I must hurry.


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