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Unique Swords

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This page lists all Epic and Legendary one-handed swords in Grim Dawn.

Epic Swords[edit | edit source]

Level Req.
Blood Carver 10
Madness 10
Willie's Razor 12
Lightning Rod 14
Hound's Bite 18
Bloodreaper's Claw 20
Cleansed Blade of Elgoloth  AoM 25
Omen 25
Duelist's Sabre 30
Flame's Virtue  FG 30
Magistrate's Censor 35
Flamebrand 40
Bloodborn Sabre 50
Chillblaze 50
Soulthief 50
Spinecarver 65
Razor of the Blind Assassin 70
Assassin's Calling 75
Stormseeker's Sabre 75
Bysmiel Blade  FG 84
Malmouth Blade  AoM 84
Malmouth Slicer  AoM 84
Solael Slicer  FG 84
Wendigo Claw  AoM 84
Legionnaire's Pride  AoM 94

Empowered[edit | edit source]

Empowered Flame's Virtue  FG 30
Empowered Willie's Razor 50
Empowered Lightning Rod 58
Empowered Blood Carver 65
Empowered Bloodreaper's Claw 65
Empowered Duelist's Sabre 65
Empowered Hound's Bite 65
Empowered Cleansed Blade of Elgoloth  AoM 65
Empowered Omen 65
Empowered Magistrate's Censor 68
Empowered Flamebrand 75
Empowered Madness 75

Mythical[edit | edit source]

Mythical Bloodborn Sabre  AoM 82
Mythical Duelist's Sabre  AoM 82
Mythical Assassin's Calling  AoM 82
Mythical Chillblaze  AoM 94
Mythical Cleansed Blade of Elgoloth  AoM 94
Mythical Flamebrand  AoM 94
Mythical Flame's Virtue  FG 94
Mythical Hound's Bite  AoM 94
Mythical Lightning Rod  FG 94
Mythical Omen  AoM 94
Mythical Razor of the Blind Assassin  AoM 94
Mythical Soulthief  FG 94
Mythical Spinecarver  AoM 94

Legendary Swords[edit | edit source]

Crimson Spike 50
Crystallum 58
Scion of Noxious Wounds  FG 58
Edge of Death  AoM 65
Pagar's Betrayal  AoM 65
Mindwarp 65
Soulblade  FG 65
Nex 68
Beronath, Reforged 75
Bloodsong 75
Deathmarked Claw 75
Mad Queen's Claw 75
Ortus 75
Razor of the Venomblade 75
Reaver's Claw 75
Belgothian's Slicer  AoM 94
Blodrender  FG 94
Dunefiend's Blade  FG 94
Dunefiend's Slicer  FG 94
Mad Queen's Claw  AoM 94
Misery  AoM 94
Noctirn  FG 94
Redeemer of Malmouth  AoM 94

Mythical[edit | edit source]

Mythical Crimson Spike  AoM 84
Mythical Crystallum  AoM 84
Mythical Edge of Death  AoM 84
Mythical Scion of Noxious Wounds  FG 84
Mythical Beronath, Reforged  AoM 94
Mythical Bloodsong  AoM 94
Mythical Deathmarked Claw  AoM 94
Mythical Mindwarp  AoM 94
Mythical Nex  AoM 94
Mythical Ortus  AoM 94
Mythical Pagar's Betrayal  AoM 94
Mythical Razor of the Venomblade  AoM 94
Mythical Reaver's Claw  AoM 94
Mythical Soulblade  FG 94

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