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Unique Shields

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Will of the Living and Final Stop Shields Concept Art.jpeg

This page lists all Epic and Legendary Shields in Grim Dawn.

Epic Shields[edit | edit source]

Level Req.
Guardsman's Defender 15
Defender of Devil's Crossing 17
Flamebreaker 17
Elementium 26
Spiriteater Bulwark 26
Stormguard  FG 30
Watcher of the Frozen North  FG 30
Devil's Grin 31
Maw of the Beast 35
Ravna's Guard 35
Dreadguard  AoM 40
Legionnaire's Rebuke  AoM 40
Oathbreaker's Guard 40
Shield of Perdition 40
Crest of the Black Legion 42
Lichguard 47
Faith's Guard 50
The Gladiator 60
Blazeguard Arbiter 65
Myrmidon's Guard 72
Dawnshard Bulwark 75
Vanguard of the Legion 75
Bysmiel Defender  FG 84
Coven Protector  AoM 84
Dreeg Protector  FG 84
Malmouth Defender  AoM 84
Wendigo Spiritguard  AoM 84
Stonefather Bulwark  FG 94
Stormscourge Bulwark  AoM 94

Empowered[edit | edit source]

Empowered Stormguard  FG 50
Empowered Watcher of the Frozen North  FG 50
Empowered Flamebreaker 58
Empowered Spiriteater Bulwark 58
Empowered Dreadguard  AoM 65
Empowered Legionnaire's Rebuke  AoM 65
Empowered Guardsman's Defender 65
Empowered Defender of Devil's Crossing 65
Empowered Elementium 65
Empowered Oathbreaker's Guard 65
Empowered Shield of Perdition 65
Empowered Crest of the Black Legion 75
Empowered Devil's Grin 75
Empowered Lichguard 75
Empowered Maw of the Beast 75
Empowered Ravna's Guard 75

Mythical[edit | edit source]

style="width:75%;" Mythical Dreadguard  AoM 82
Mythical Elementium  AoM 82
Mythical Faith's Guard  AoM 82
Mythical Spiriteater Bulwark  AoM 82
Mythical Stormguard  FG 82
Mythical Blazeguard Arbiter  AoM 94
Mythical Crest of the Black Legion  AoM 94
Mythical Dawnshard Bulwark  AoM 94
Mythical Devil's Grin  FG 94
Mythical Flamebreaker  FG 94
Mythical Gladiator  FG 94
Mythical Legionnaire's Rebuke  AoM 94
Mythical Lichguard  AoM 94
Mythical Myrmidon's Guard  AoM 94
Mythical Oathbreaker's Guard  FG 94
Mythical Ravna's Guard  AoM 94
Mythical Shield of Perdition  FG 94
Mythical Vanguard of the Legion  FG 94
Mythical Watcher of the Frozen North  FG 94

Legendary Shields[edit | edit source]

The Final Stop 50
Meat Shield 50
Bramblevine  FG 58
Maw of the Damned  AoM 58
The Untouchable 58
Gravetouch  FG 65
Skybreach Bulwark 65
Will of the Living 65
Dawnbreaker's Duty 68
Markovian's Bulwark 75
Siegebreaker 75
Turrion's Reprisal  AoM 75
Watcher of Erulan  AoM 75
Zolhan's Revenge 75
Aegis Defender  AoM 94
Bulwark of Octavius  AoM 94
Defender of the Three  FG 94
The Grey Knight  AoM 94
Hyrian's Bulwark  FG 94
Occulant  FG 94
Spellscourge Bulwark  AoM 94
Virtue's Defender  FG 94
Voidsoul Bulwark  FG 94
Wrathguard  AoM 94

Mythical[edit | edit source]

Mythical Final Stop  AoM 84
Mythical Bramblevine  FG 84
Mythical Meat Shield  AoM 84
Mythical Maw of the Damned  AoM 84
Mythical Untouchable  AoM 84
Mythical Watcher of Erulan  AoM 84
Mythical Dawnbreaker's Duty  AoM 94
Mythical Gravetouch  FG 94
Mythical Markovian's Bulwark  AoM 94
Mythical Siegebreaker  AoM 94
Mythical Skybreach Bulwark  AoM 94
Mythical Turrion's Reprisal  AoM 94
Mythical Will of the Living  AoM 94
Mythical Zolhan's Revenge  AoM 94

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