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Unique Off-Hands

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This page lists all Epic and Legendary Off-Hand focus items in Grim Dawn.

Epic Off-hands[edit | edit source]

Level Req.
Maiven's Tome 20
Dementia 22
Heretic's Tome 22
Malformed Effigy 24
Stormcaller's Effigy 24
Crushing Will 29
Codex of Reckoning  FG 30
Manifestarius  FG 30
Padala's Will  AoM 30
Tome of Plagues 30
Banshee's Misery 34
Wyrmclaw 40
Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh 40
Storm Scion 40
Edrick's Backscratcher 46
Virulent Maw  AoM 50
Word of Inquisitor Abalon  AoM 50
Scorcher's Archive 58
Codex of Malligosta  AoM 65
Tome of Frigid Winds  AoM 65
Nocturnis 68
Callidor's Codex 72
Channeling Orb of the Covenant 75
Deathlord's Tome 75
Sacred Texts of Menhir 75
Bysmiel Tainted Effigy  FG 84
Bysmiel Veilfire Effigy  FG 84
Coven Arcane Effigy  AoM 84
Coven Venom Effigy  AoM 84
Coven Vile Effigy  AoM 84
Dreeg Soulbearer Tome  FG 84
Dreeg Veilweaver Tome  FG 84
Malmouth Corrupted Tome  AoM 84
Malmouth Infernal Tome  AoM 84
Malmouth Void Tome  AoM 84
Solael Skyweaver Tome  FG 84
Solael Void Tome  FG 84
Wendigo Caustic Effigy  AoM 84
Wendigo Chilling Effigy  AoM 84
Wendigo Life Effigy  AoM 84
Dreadwalker Tome  AoM 94
Festerblaze Tome  FG 94
Helltome  AoM 94
Sphere of Many Blades  AoM 94
Fewmets of the Questing Beast  FG 101

Empowered[edit | edit source]

Empowered Codex of Reckoning  FG 50
Empowered Manifestarius  FG 50
Empowered Crushing Will 58
Empowered Dementia 58
Empowered Stormcaller's Effigy 58
Empowered Maiven's Tome 65
Empowered Malformed Effigy 65
Empowered Padala's Will  AoM 65
Empowered Tome of Plagues 65
Empowered Word of Inquisitor Abalon  AoM 65
Empowered Wyrmclaw 65
Empowered Banshee's Misery 75
Empowered Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh 75
Empowered Edrick's Backscratcher 75
Empowered Heretic's Tome 75
Empowered Storm Scion 75

Mythical[edit | edit source]

Mythical Codex of Reckoning  FG 82
Mythical Dementia  AoM 82
Mythical Nocturnis  AoM 82
Mythical Padala's Will  AoM 82
Mythical Word of Inquisitor Abalon  AoM 82
Mythical Scorcher's Archive  AoM 82
Mythical Banshee's Misery  AoM 94
Mythical Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh  AoM 94
Mythical Callidor's Codex  AoM 94
Mythical Channeling Orb of the Covenant  AoM 94
Mythical Codex of Malligosta  AoM 94
Mythical Deathlord's Tome  FG 94
Mythical Edrick's Backscratcher  AoM 94
Mythical Manifestarius  FG 94
Mythical Sacred Texts of Menhir  AoM 94
Mythical Stormcaller's Effigy  AoM 94
Mythical Tome of Frigid Winds  AoM 94
Mythical Virulent Maw  AoM 94
Mythical Wyrmclaw  AoM 94

Legendary Off-Hands[edit | edit source]

Aldanar's Vanity 50
Codex of Lies 50
Fiend's Resolve 50
Codex of Truths  AoM 58
Grasp of the Dead  FG 58
Judgement of Empyrion  FG 58
Reaper of the Accursed  AoM 58
Tome of Names 58
Blood Orb of Ch'thon 65
Codex of Violent Rifts  FG 65
Eye of Dominion 65
Speaker for the Dead 65
Tome of the Arcane Wastes 65
Tome of Atonement  FG 65
Invoker's Blaze 68
Codex of Eternal Storms 75
Codex of Agrivix 75
Consumption of Agrivix 75
Contagion  AoM 75
Fiendgaze Tome  AoM 75
Hallanx's Head  FG 75
Inashkor's Head  FG 75
Iskandra's Texts 75
Ixillor's Rageflame  AoM 75
Jarinthor's Head  FG 75
Orb of the Black Flame 75
Skull of Gul'Amash 75
Wretched Tome of Nar'Adin 75
Cataclysm's Eye  AoM 94
Cyclone Effigy  FG 94
Diviner's Codex  AoM 94
Farath's Cube  AoM 94
Gate to Many Worlds  FG 94
Hellscourge  AoM 94
Pyran's Effigy  FG 94
Scion of Celestial Portents  FG 94
Stormbringer of Malmouth  AoM 94
Uroboruuk's Effigy  AoM 94
Valguur's Focus  AoM 94
Word of Solael  FG 94

Mythical[edit | edit source]

Mythical Aldanar's Vanity  AoM 84
Mythical Codex of Lies  AoM 84
Mythical Codex of Truths  AoM 84
Mythical Fiend's Resolve  AoM 84
Mythical Judgement of Empyrion  FG 84
Mythical Reaper of the Accursed  AoM 84
Mythical Tome of Atonement  FG 84
Mythical Tome of Names  AoM 84
Mythical Blood Orb of Ch'thon  AoM 94
Mythical Codex of Eternal Storms  AoM 94
Mythical Codex of Agrivix  AoM 94
Mythical Codex of Violent Rifts  FG 94
Mythical Consumption of Agrivix  AoM 94
Mythical Contagion  AoM 94
Mythical Fiendgaze Tome  AoM 94
Mythical Grasp of the Dead  FG 94
Mythical Hallanx's Head  FG 94
Mythical Inashkor's Head  FG 94
Mythical Invoker's Blaze  AoM 94
Mythical Iskandra's Texts  AoM 94
Mythical Ixillor's Rageflame  AoM 94
Mythical Jarinthor's Head  FG 94
Mythical Orb of the Black Flame  AoM 94
Mythical Skull of Gul'Amash  AoM 94
Mythical Speaker for the Dead  AoM 94
Mythical Tome of the Arcane Wastes  AoM 94
Mythical Wretched Tome of Nar'Adin  AoM 94

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