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Unique Axes

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Edge of Sanity Concept.jpg

This page lists all Epic and Legendary one-handed Axes in Grim Dawn.

Epic Axes[edit | edit source]

Level Req.
Cruel Edge 14
Krieg's Cleaver 14
Reaper's Touch 17
Bloodreaper's Cleaver 20
Gorefeast 23
Storm's Edge 27
Veil's Edge  FG 30
Doomsaw of Gluttony 35
Maleficus 35
Thirsting Maw 45
Immaterial Edge 45
Corpse Desecrator 50
Chonag'Ri 58
Asterkarn Cleaver 67
Hellclaw Slicer 75
Notched Bone of a Thousand Deaths 75
Bysmiel Cleaver  FG 84
Dreeg Cleaver  FG 84
Coven Axe  AoM 84
Coven Cleaver  AoM 84
Wendigo Cleaver  AoM 84
Halvor's Skinner  AoM 94

Empowered[edit | edit source]

Empowered Cruel Edge 50
Empowered Veil's Edge  FG 50
Empowered Krieg's Cleaver 58
Empowered Gorefeast 58
Empowered Storm's Edge 65
Empowered Bloodreaper's Cleaver 65
Empowered Doomsaw of Gluttony 65
Empowered Maleficus 65
Empowered Reaper's Touch 75
Empowered Thirsting Maw 75
Empowered Immaterial Edge 75

Mythical[edit | edit source]

Mythical Corpse Desecrator  AoM 82
Mythical Cruel Edge  AoM 82
Mythical Gorefeast  AoM 82
Mythical Asterkarn Cleaver  AoM 94
Mythical Doomsaw of Gluttony  AoM 94
Mythical Maleficus  FG 94
Mythical Notched Bone of a Thousand Deaths  AoM 94
Mythical Reaper's Touch  AoM 94
Mythical Storm's Edge  AoM 94
Mythical Veil's Edge  FG 94

Legendary Axes[edit | edit source]

Butcher of Burrwitch 50
Crescent Moon 50
Brutallax 58
Cinderscorn  FG 58
Scion of Crimson Wakes  FG 65
Damnation 75
Deathmarked Decapitator 75
Earthsplitter 75
Ravager's Bite  AoM 75
Nightclaw  AoM 84
Corruptian  FG 94
Edge of Sanity  AoM 94
Korba's Decapitator  AoM 94
Korba's Frenzy  AoM 94
Stormrend  FG 94
Witch Moon  AoM 94

Mythical[edit | edit source]

Mythical Brutallax  AoM 84
Mythical Butcher of Burrwitch  AoM 84
Mythical Crescent Moon  AoM 84
Mythical Scion of Crimson Wakes  FG 84
Mythical Cinderscorn  FG 94
Mythical Damnation  AoM 94
Mythical Deathmarked Decapitator  AoM 94
Mythical Earthsplitter  AoM 94
Mythical Ravager's Bite  AoM 94

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