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Ulzuin's Chosen (Skill) Icon.png Ulzuin the Betrayed was once a god of healing and ceremonies, but millennia of torment following a most grisly betrayal from his lover has twisted the once benevolent entity into a bitter deity interested only in vengeance and destruction. He is commonly associated with Fire and Burn damage.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Ulzuin's eternal flame once brought life and healing to the world, but betrayal and torment twisted this gift into a weapon of vengeance. Those sworn to Ulzuin receive vigor in battle and fiery retaliation upon their foes." - Vindictive Flame (Skill)
  • "Used by the faithful of Ulzuin to sear their flesh and dedicate themselves to the wrathful god." - Mark of Ulzuin
  • "The breath of Ulzuin." - Conflagration (Relic)

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