Tuha's Travel Log - Page 2

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This note is found on the second level of the Howling Depths.

Eternal Sun protect me that I endure these crimes. An eternal pox upon the heretics that have caused this calamity and what I am forced to do. May Ulzuin thrust his burning fist into their souls that they may feel the agony of death once more.

I've left my finest acolyte, Harod to suffer within the desert maw. I do this knowing that my unexpected betrayal will drive him deep inside the terror beneath the sands in a vain attempt to seek escape, and his revenge. He was always so driven and resilient, and loyal. Now I've repaid his long service with agony. May the first seal be devoured over a thousand years.

The second seal's location offered little respite from the evils I was duty-bound to commit. There, the lives of my caravan were forfeit so that their tongues may never slip the location of the cursed object. While this was not done by my hand, the Blades of Ateph saw to the grisly deed, their every move felt as if I was the perpetrator.

I now set out with what remains of my entourage for the final location, where the third seal will forever lie beyond the reach of the blessed sun, and where I will remain to atone for my sins.

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