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This note is found in the on the first level of the Howling Depths.

I count the days since setting off from the Gardens of Ateph and the grim events of that fateful night. The Grand Magus Morgoneth and his acolytes were felled by the wisdom and might of the temple wardens, but what the heretic unleashed cannot be so easily halted, it can merely be contained.

While the eternal night lies dormant beyond the runed gate, the final burden fell to but one. If the Korvan people are to be truly free from this darkness, then none can know of where the seals lie hidden. In that, I have offered myself for no other could be entrusted with this grave duty. Vizier Erhaman swore to pray upon the Path of Ascension that my sacrifice not be in vain and granted me his holy sigil so that none will stand in the way of what I must do.

I pity the men that now accompany me on this journey, for they do not know the heavy price they will soon be forced to pay.

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