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This note is found inside a Dilapidated Urn in Morgoneth's Folly.

The malevolence is palpable this deep into the abyss. You can feel it in the air, like a whisper that gnaws at you, a slow blade to the nerves. I have seen it in the eyes of the men. A harrowed look. Pale and wide eyed. Last night, the whole of the camp was awoken by a ghastly shrieking. One of my captains was carving his own arm like a meat shank, screaming about the bugs under his skin. Several others had wandered off without a word to their superiors. We never saw them again.

Further tragedy struck as we neared Morgoneth's foul altar. One of the temple stewards, a mighty construct blessed by the Eldritch Sun, suddenly collapsed as unearthly tendrils wrapped themselves around its legs. Several of my men approached to investigate only to find themselves at the mercy of our very ally. The steward rose again, but its eyes no longer shone with the brilliance of the temple fire. Instead, they were the black of the abyss, claimed by the foulness threatening to consume us all.

Those nearest to the steward were the first to fall, cleaved in two by its mighty halberd. Several more turned to ash when the construct exhaled the void itself. Ironically, it would be the very blessings of the Eldritch Sun that proved the steward's undoing. With a fiery rune emblazoned in the air, I forced the guardian to the edge of nothingness and several of our magi blasted it with spells and sent it plummeting into the same void that now controlled it.

If such corruption can claim even our mightiest guardians, then by the light of Rahn, we must hurry.

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