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This note is found inside a Dilapidated Urn in the Court of the Magi.

What we found inside the gardens defies comprehension. Words fail me at the sight of this depravity. The earth itself has been eaten away by...nothingness. The windblown sands fall off the shattered edges and vanish into the abyss beyond. Several men have balked at the sight, their morning's rations mixing into the already unbearable tapestry painted before us by Morgoneth's heresy.

The local wildlife has succumbed as well. Creatures of the night that would be a natural sight in any other part of the basin are distorted and wrong here. They claw at their own flesh in some vain attempt to escape the madness of their new reality. I have no doubts we will be reduced to a similar writhing mess should we remain here too long.

The seven acolytes to Morgoneth's folly were a prime example of this insanity. As we approached, we could hear them babbling in strange tongues. They stood gathered around a pile of human bones as if chanting a ritual. A dark aura emanated from them that was reminiscent of the void tearing this place apart.

We took no chances. If the magi were performing a spell, then it was best that they not finish it in our presence. We greatly outnumbered them, even having several of the temple stewards among our number, and despite having the element of surprise the raw power on display by these traitors was astounding to behold. Scores of my men vanished in an instant. Others were torn apart by hungering tentacles.

But by the light of the Eldritch Sun, we were triumphant. What bit of darkness these fools tapped into has been expunged by fire and their forsaken souls trapped by the priests. They will know no rest. Death will offer them no release from the nightmare they had created.

While this small victory brings what remains of us some solace, we all know that the greater threat still awaits deeper inside the realm of night. The Grand Magus Morgoneth still stands.

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