Tuha's Letter

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This note is found in the third level of the Howling Depths.

Nammia, my desert flower. How my heart aches to be with you and the children one last time.

I fear this letter will not find its way to you, but I must write down my thoughts nonetheless. You see, I've lied to you when I set out beyond the Apesh Mountains. I am not returning home. One more task remains that will take me to where even the light of our divine cannot reach, where I will forever remain.

While I cannot speak of what I must do, please know that it is of the most vital importance in order to keep you safe, to keep us all safe. I am sure you think I exaggerate, but after what I have witnessed, I no longer think there are limits to the evils mankind is capable of. In that, I am no exception for the path I have undertaken is dark with the blood of my fellow men, men that trusted my every command.

Know that in my final moments, I will think only of your beautiful smile. Your face will be the only sun I will worship for the remainder of my days. Give the children my love.

Yours, until the sun burns cold and the stars go dark.


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