Trista's Diary

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Trista's Diary is a note found inside a chest in Coven's Refuge.

This whole thing is still very strange to me. There are sisters here who have devoted their entire lives to study and craft, but I know nothing of such things. I have no skill with herb and vial, no knowledge of threads or their connections. I have no tales of the Three, or long-sight, I cannot convene with spirits, and yet here I am. I was drawn here like a fish to its spawning grounds and I have no idea why. I don't think any of the sisters know either. I've heard some of the elders speaking of me. There was no disdain in their voices but they too are at a loss for what purpose I have in this place.

I have learned many things in my short time here and, despite my apparent lack of direction, I intend to absorb as much information as this place will give me. There is a great deal of history in this Coven. I've overheard the eldest sisters speaking of a time when it was first formed, a time when its members were fearless and driven by a hunger for knowledge. They unveiled secrets hidden from mankind, learned of sources of immense power. Together, they achieved things the rest of us dream of, but it came at a heavy price. Their hubris drew the ire of the Three and nothing was ever the same.

My contemporaries speak of that time in hushed tones, but to be honest I am envious of them. They must have felt such drive, such clarity of purpose. Is it truly so wrong to pursue lost knowledge? I will not rest until I have uncovered their secrets, until these places of power are once again within our grasp. The Witch Gods be damned.But as I walk among my sisters, I realize that there are those among us who look up to the Three with reverence. Through them, the gods retain their unbroken gaze upon this place, and our actions. I must be discreet and unassuming. The mantle of an ill-directed purposeless new recruit shall suit me well, for now.