Trip South - Part 3

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This note is found on the Asterkarn Road.

Day ??: Silvie has become angry. Spiteful. Malevolent. Where did all the tenderness and innocence of my little girl go? Why is it that I don't care anymore? Should care. But feel nothing.

Day ??: There is no one left here in camp. All gone. We must move. Hard to hide blood, frozen snow. Easy for prey to know.

Day ??: Harder to write. Hard to think about anything but the hunger.

Day ??: New place off road. Easy to lure new travelers going south. Looking for safe place. Never find it.

Day ??: No food again. I encourage Silvie to find people to bring here for food. She is gleeful at suggestion. John gone, so I do the killing now.

Day ??: So hungry. Don't even bother to cook food anymore.

Day ??: Talk to woman today. Still alive as we eat. Blood in mouth. She ask why? Only word I say: "hungry". Silvie laugh that she talk while we eat her.

Day ??: Hair falling out. Don't care.

Day ??: The men won't be lured no more. They know what awaits them. No matter. We chase.

Day ??: Silvie good hunter now. She likes kill. Me too. Should feel bad. Know it's wrong. But it feels so good to feed.

Day ??: Don't feel cold no more. Shards of frozen blood cut lips. Split gums. Don't care.

Day ?? Chase men. Terror makes flesh taste sweeter. Good.

Day ??: So hungry. Must find more.

*The rest of the text is impossible to make out.*

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