Trip South - Part 2

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This note is found on the Asterkarn Road.

Day 28: Gods protect us. We have been starving. I spent the morning searching the woods for nuts and bugs to eat. I can't believe that it doesn't shame me to say I have been eating bugs when I can find them. When I got back to the camp I found that John had killed a man that attacked our daughter.

Day 29: John has brought Silvie and I a small portion of meat. I don't ask where he got it.

Day 30: The other men asked what happened to their friend. John told them that he tried to hurt our little girl and offered them some freshly cut meat. They took it without another word and left us alone. Does friendship mean so little in these times?

Day 36: John offered Silvie to one of the men in the camp. When the man came into the tent to make his advance, John killed him in front of Silvie and I. I am so hungry I don't even care.

Day ??: It's so hard to write. Numb fingers and the cold dulls my thoughts. The dark of the mountain makes it easy to lose track of the days.

Day ??: Another man has been lured to our tent. An exchange of food for the promise of warmth. They must know that it's a trap. Maybe they are ready to die. They lie to themselves even as they walk into the butcher's blade.

Day ??: Our next visitor was wise to the attack. John killed him but not without suffering a terrible wound. He is not sure he will survive the night. I find that I don't care as much as I should. All I see is a potential meal. Gods, what is happening to me?

Day ?? John lasted longer than we've expected, draining our dwindling food supplies. I took care of it. Now have food for a long while.

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