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Trip South - Part 1

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This note is found on the Asterkarn Road.

*The notebook is caked in dried blood and mud and many pages appear to have been deliberately torn out.*

Day 3: John holds our Silvie with one arm as he drives the wagon. He is smiling and happy as he tells us that we should reach the mountain in a few days. It's sad to leave our home but I am hopeful for a better life far away from the dangers that seem to be ever increasing here in the north.

Day 4: Silvie is so happy, running along the side of the wagon picking flowers. I was really worried about her being unhappy as we left behind the only home she has ever known. The wonder and splendor that is youth. It warms my heart.

Day 6: The mountains are looming ahead of us and the cold is getting sharp. I can see the worry in John's face as he tries to keep up his spirits. I know he only wants to protect us from the dangers and I can only pray that we make it past the mountain before the snow.

Day 8: We are in the shadow of the mountain now and the days are shorter. Snow has started to fall and the cold came on so suddenly it surprised us. We have warm clothes but the wind cuts right through them.

Day 11: We have reached a flat at the base of a fort. There are a few other travelers here who have told us the way through to Darkvale is blocked. With our food running low, we were hoping to resupply at the Darkvale Gate Merchant District. Now I don't know what we will do. Turning back is not an option with the snow coming down so fast. John says he is going to talk to the others soon.

Day 16: The horse died today. John is saddened by this but at least it will feed us until help arrives. I hate that we had to make this trip with Silvie. She is only nine and I don't like the way the other men at the camp look at her.

Day 22: All of our horse meat is gone. It would have lasted longer if we didn't have to share it with the others. But John said things could have gone badly if we did not. I don't like thinking about what he meant by that.

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