Trevor's Note

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This note is found at the bottom of the Village of Darkvale.

For weeks I have been getting the feeling that something bad is coming. Like a knot in the pit of my stomach that won't go away, and each day it gets a bit worse. I have also noticed a lot more travellers from the capital of Erulan. Heading south with all their worldly possessions. I asked a few for news from the north, but nobody could give me a clear answer; just an unshakeable feeling that something awful was about to happen. How is it that we all share the same dread?

No shipment from the capital again. Last week we didn't get our latest deliveries, and now again? No shipment coming in means no shipment going out. How am I supposed to run a store if I don't have supplies to sell? Local goods are fine but I rely on being able to sell things people can't get straight from their neighbours.

I am hearing hushed conversations in the streets and a customer told me she saw some cloaked figures rolling a barrel down to the lake. And now the town drunk is missing. More likely than not he finally tripped and tumbled over the ravine. But still, there is a strange chill in the air and everyone seems to be on edge. I'm starting to think that packing up shop and heading south may be the best thing to do.

-Trevor Mills