Tomb Brothers

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Tomb Brothers
Conclave of the Three Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: Anorak
Location: Conclave of the Three
Faction: N/A
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisites: Loyalty to the Three
Unlocks: N/A
Rewards: XP, Rep, Item

This is a small Act 7 side quest, offered by Anorak in the Conclave of the Three after completing the Loyalty to the Three quest.

Anorak became separated from his two brothers while looting around the Cairan Docks. They went into an old temple and have not been seen since. He asks you to look for them.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find Anorak's brothers
  • Learn Anderan's fate
  • Speak with Anderan's spirit
  • Find a way to release Anderan's spirit
  • Return to Anorak at the Conclave of the Three

Guide[edit | edit source]

Anorak's brother Aaral can be found, injured, in the Cairan Docks, outside the entrance to the Sandblown Ruins. and says his brother Anderan is still inside. After sending Aaral through a rift, enter the Sandblown Ruins. At the far end of the first level is a Rotting Corpse and some Dynamite. The Corpse belongs to Anderan, and clicking on the corpse will summon his ghost. Anderan explains he was killed by a spell from a crazed priest, and is now trapped in the ruins until the priest is dealt with. Tirgan, the Mad Priest is found at the end of the second level. After slaying him return to Anorak, who is now reunited with his brothers.

Anderan's body location

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Cairan Docks Map.jpg
Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 2000 12000 30000
Cult of Bysmiel
Item Random Rare Partial Component

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
You spoke with Anorak from the Bysmiel camp. It appears he and his brothers are tomb raiders of a sort, working together to recover, or to be honest steal, ancient artifacts from the countless temples and tombs scattered across the Korvan Basin.

On their last outing, Anorak got separated from his brothers, Aaral and Anderan, and he was unable to find them before it got dark. He has not heard from either since and he's afraid to leave the camp in case they return or try to contact him.

Anorak asked you to seek them out at their last known location, near the Cairan Docks, north of the Korvan Plateau.


  • Find Anorak's brothers
You found Anorak's brother Aaral, but he was alone. It appears the two borhters had uncovered something in the Sandblown Ruins below the Cairan Docks, but something went terribly wrong.

Aaral panicked and ran back to the surface, leaving Anderan behind.

Aaral now fears the worst, but he's too much of a coward to return to the ruins.

Enter the Sandblown Ruins and search for Anderan.


  • Learn Anderan's fate
You found a body within the Sandblown Ruins beneath the Cairan Docks which you suspect is Anderan.

However, when you inspected the body, a spectral form materialized. It appears Anderan's spirit is still bound to the mortal plane.


  • Speak with Anderan's spirit
You spoke with Anderan's ghost. Apparently he had been killed by a rockslide while trying to follow Aaral out of the temple.

However, more sinister things are afoot than an unfortunate accident. Anderan is bound to the physical realm due to a ritual deep within the temple ruins. He believes some kind of necromancer is at work here.

If Anderan is to be freed, whatever is binding him here needs to be stopped. Explore deeper inside the Sandblown Ruins beneath the Cairan Docks, find the source of the spell binding Anderan and set him free.


  • Find a way to release Anderan's spirit
A mad priest was performing necromantic rituals within the ruins, but you eliminated him.

Return to Anorak and Aaral back at the Conclave of the Three and inform them of Anderan's fate.


  • Return to Anorak at the Conclave of the Three