To Shatter a City

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TO Shatter a City is a note found in the upper floor of the Medical Services building in Malmouth Harbor .

I arrive within the birth city of my vessel, as dictated by consensus. I shall now make it my tireless task to ensure that our operations in Malmouth proceed as planned and within the necessary time constraints.

This vessel will prove ideal in the city's downfall. He was educated in the capital at the behest of his wealthy family, family with powerful connections among Malmouth's elite. He lacks all pretense of society or compassion, devoid of empathy for his fellow man. All he craved was knowledge, knowledge that others should shun or find sickening. To encourage such crude pursuits was only natural and now he is mine.

\With the guise of Theodin Marcell, I shall carve into the city's elite and exploit the corrupted heart that beats within. How does one shatter a city? By allowing the rot festering within its fragile existence to flourish. And by my hand, it shall grow magnificent indeed.

-Theodin Marcell, Surgeon