Through Flesh We Become His Chosen

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Through Flesh We Become His Chosen is a note found in the Forlorn Cellar.

I did not always relish the taste.

At first, I found it repugnant. The muscle was tough and the flavor made it difficult to swallow, especially when it was raw. But Scorv insisted that to truly embrace the gifts of the Great One, we must learn to enjoy it in its natural state, rather than resorting to seasonings or flame.

I was resistant, as were the others, but in time I came around to embrace the feeling of fresh blood seeping between my teeth, the iron taste of gore upon my tongue. Hunger helped that a bit, I'm sure, but now I feel chills at the thought of a fresh victim. I believe this is what Scorv meant when he said we would become closer to our master.

The thrill, the energy, the change...I can feel the change. It grows inside of me. It began with darkening of the eyes, like a deep crimson. Others further along in their journey have expressed concerns about bone pain throughout the body. Scorv reassures us that this was normal and will pass.

Whatever changes it brings, I now anticipate them with a nervous joy. I wish only to be closer to Ravager.