Third Seal of Morgoneth

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Third Seal of Morgoneth Icon.png
"In the darkness bound, Morgoneth forged his betrayal. In the Tomb of the Heretic, his soul knows no rest.

The way is shut, the heresy sealed. But should the Korvan faith be shaken once more by Morgoneth's folly, then steel your soul against the tendrils of night and deliver the keys to the Path of the Damned, beyond the resting place of our chosen champions.

With great sacrifice, we sealed away the night. Do not take lightly what awaits in its embrace."

The Third Seal of Moroneth is a quest item required to open the entrance to the Path of the Damned, and is needed in the Paying Debts quest in Forgotten Gods. It drops from Hallanx the Forgotten, the boss creature of the Howling Chasm.

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