The Sting

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This note is found in the Temple City of Osyr.

*The parchment is covered in what appears to be dried up human bile*

Day 4: The Korvan people have been generous with their treasures. Hardly a threat in sight. I had to use the fire of my camp to scare off something lurking in the dark last night, but otherwise it had been an easy journey so far.

Day 5: Today I was making my way back to the camp when something stung me. Made me feel a bit dizzy. I know a good night's sleep will help me to feel right as rain. Nothing to be concerned about.

Day 6...or is it 7? I am not sure how long I've slept, but something is definitely wrong. My lips are cracked. My gums are bleeding. And the headache, my gods, the headache is blinding. The skin feels like it's crawling. Everything hurts so bad I can barely move. What manner of demon stung me?

Day 9: I've managed to crawl my way back to the horse and traveled back south out of the basin, but the symptoms have not abated. Twice now I've woken in agony, burning up. My skin moves on its own as if something was moving beneath the surface.

Day 10: I've watched in horror as a fat maggot tore through the flesh of my abdomen, from the inside. They are inside me. By the gods, they are feasting while I still live...