The Seamstress

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The Seamstress
Abandoned Waterfront Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: Constance
Location: Devil's Crossing
Faction: Devil's Crossing
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisites: Securing Burrwitch, Friendly Reputation with Devil's Crossing
Unlocks: -
Rewards: XP, Rep

The Seamstress is an Act 1 quest offered by Constance in Devil's Crossing after reaching Friendly faction status with Devil's Crossing.

Constance was a seamstress prior to the Grim Dawn, and would like to use her skills to make a difference around the prison. She asks you to gather any fabric you can find.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Collect Fabric (0/3)
  • Return the fabric to Constance in Devil's Crossing

Guide[edit | edit source]

Fabric can be easily found in the Weathered Chests located around the Abandoned Waterfront. They will be shown with quest markers on the corner map.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 600 13000 32000
Reputation +250 (Devil's Crossing)
Item Fortified Doublet

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Completing this quest will also improve the aesthetics of the prison – new canopies will replace the dilapidated ones originally covering many of the cells.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
Constance from Devil's Crossing was a seamstress prior to the Grim Dawn. If you supply her with some fabric, she will sew blankets and canopies for the survivors. She recommended checking the Abandoned Waterfront in Burrwitch for fabric that may have been left behind when the town was abandoned.


  • Collect Fabric (0/3)
  • Return the fabric to Constance in Devil's Crossing

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