The Runes Fall Silent

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This note is found in the Temple of the Three.

The runes are extinguished one by one; and with each one gone another of my informants falls to the calamity that has consumed the Capital. The world crumbles around us and the temple walls shake with outrage. The Three are not pleased by the incursion. Twice now I have seen heralds thrown out of the Attendant's chamber, their eye sockets hollow with eldritch flame. No, they are not pleased at all.

Already I can hear scheming whispers among the servants of Solael, wondering if the time has come for us to dissolve the Covenant and seek our own opportunities in this new reality that we face. I dismiss this as the rationale of terrified fools. It is of no concern; the most vocal dissenters had already been offered at Solael's altar. The thralls of Dreeg are as cryptic as ever, their mad ramblings speak of tides of blood shifting in a vast emptiness. They claw at their faces and tear out their hair, their minds barely able to withstand the presence of their god. But it would take someone far wiser and more experienced than I to unravel the disturbing messages Dreeg imparts upon his followers.

My concerns are only with the weave. With our informants gone silent, we have become blinded to the outside world. The lady Bysmiel demands word from Erulan, but I have nothing to offer. I am beginning to fear that it is my eyes the Attendant will claim next.

Karrin Taros, Servant of Bysmiel