The Ravager

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The Ravager is a note found in the Den of the Wendigo.

Injustice. That is the tale of the Great One. Injustice and betrayal.

Ravager once walked among us, a beautiful creature, the embodiment of nature's balance. He thrived among his worshippers and bestowed upon them many gifts. But he was not the only one to be blessed with such power.

The god of beasts grew jealous of Ravager's believers. In the darkness of night, the god sought out Ravager's lair and, with the aid of his slaves, he banished the Great One from this realm.

Bodiless and forgotten, Ravager threw himself against his spiritual prison. He sought to return to this realm and right the wrongs done to him; and through our sacrifices the day of his judgment has nearly come. We shall become the harbingers of his will, the benefactors of his mercy. And when Ravager's jaws close shut around the throat of the betrayer, so shall we drink of his blood and rise above our lessers.