The Master of Flesh - Theodin Marcell

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The Master of Flesh - Theodin Marcell is the final Boss of Act 6 and the Ashes of Malmouth expansion. He is located in the Sanctum of Flesh.

The Master of Flesh has three forms, and the fight is divided into three corresponding stages:

  1. Theodin Marcell is immobile. He will use several melee attacks, cast a projectile nova, and also periodically summon Aetherial Bloaters and Aetherial Stormbearers.
  2. During the second stage he breaks free of his restraints and uses a new set of skills, including a telegraphed meteor shower.
  3. In the third stage he transforms into a wraith-like form with another set of skills, including telegraphed AoE.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

First Stage[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type

Second Stage[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type

Third Stage[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Physical 35%
Pierce 35%
Fire 35%
Lightning 35%
Cold 35%
Poison & Acid 35%
Vitality 35%
Aether 35%
Chaos 35%
Freeze 33%
Knockdown 500%
Stun 500%
Trap 500%
Petrify 500%
Sleep 500%

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Heart of Theodin Marcell Icon.png Aetherial Mutagen Icon.png Tainted Brain Matter Icon.png
Heart of Theodin Marcell Aetherial Mutagen Tainted Brain Matter

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