The Korvan Elegy - Part 4

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This note is found in a secret area in the westtern corner of the Tomb of the Eldritch Sun (second level).

Let me regale to you the tale of Korvan's fall. For when the gods did battle and the world shook in their wake, it was the people of Korvan that paid the price of ambition.

With Ulzuin off in distant lands, the Temple of the Eldritch Sun was infiltrated, aided by treachery. The many-eyed fiend, the guardian of the hidden realm, clouded the minds of the temple's attendants and allowed two figures, a sorcerer and a priestess, to pass through unhindered. Together they crossed the gate to a reality beyond mortal words, the realm of the Eldritch Sun. There they found the primordial being gathering strength upon his throne.

The sorcerer spared no time in unleashing his assault upon the wounded god. All the while the priestess cast her bindings upon him and the infinite gaze filled his mind with visions of terror. The celestial being thrashed against his restraints and lashed out at his attackers, and as he did so the land above crumbled and spat fire. The air filled with sulfur and the Korvan people fled for safety. The seas evaporated and rivers were replaced with molten rock, for the Korvan lands were as bound to the fate of Korvaak as flesh is to bone.

For every injury the god sustained from the sorcerer's onslaught, a violent eruption shook the basin and engulfed its people; as he strained against the priestess's bindings, so the earth crumbled and changed; and as the guardian's visions consumed his very thoughts, so the Korvan people were ensnared by madness and nightmares.

When at last the tremors subsided and the survivors looked up from amongst the ashes, they saw not one figure descending the temple steps in triumph, but three. And the fate of Cairn was forever changed.

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