The Korvan Elegy - Part 3

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This note is found in a secret area in the eastern corner of the Tomb of the Eldritch Sun (second level).

Tragic is the tale of Ulzuin the Everliving Flame, the right hand of the Eldritch Sun, for none have suffered as ruthless a betrayal as he. A warrior at heart, Ulzuin was restless with his newfound duties of keeping vigil over the Temple of the Eldritch Sun; for what mortal could hope to threaten a god?

And so he entertained himself within his temple, consuming wine and concubines faster than his attendants could hope to supply. That was until the priestess Bysmiel attracted his attention. Her generous curves moved with confidence through the halls and her emerald eyes captivated the god, but it was her silky voice that got her invited to his chambers.

There she stayed, sometimes for days, to the chagrin of the temple priests. Ulzuin was enthralled by the young priestess, shirking his duties and ignoring the complaints of his attendants. Nobody but Bysmiel was allowed near him and none but her would be allowed to fill his lonely nights of vigil. That lust ultimately proved to be his undoing for it was then that Ulzuin learned the true danger of mortals.

It was on the fateful day when the earth ruptured and the sky turned to flame that Ulzuin realized his folly. Bysmiel had promised him a glorious surprise, an indulgence unlike any he had yet experienced in his many lifetimes, which left Ulzuin recklessly far from Korvan City and the Temple of the Eldritch Sun. Sensing the upheaval, Ulzuin rushed back to his post, but he was far too late. The city was consumed by fire and the great temple had been claimed by another.

Ulzuin howled at the sky, calling out to his father, Empyrion, for aid. But the skies were silent. In blinding agony and rage, Ulzuin flattened his temple and inflicted a wound upon the world that burns to this day, just as the wound Bysmiel left upon his heart remains still. But where the vengeful god is now, perhaps only the Witch Gods know.

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