The Korvan Elegy - Part 2

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This note is found in a secret area in the north-western side of the Tomb of the Eldritch Sun (first level).

Blindly have I stared beyond the curtain of reality. Agony met me partway. Beyond...magnificence.

For my achievement, I was punished. My wounds weep, but my eyes are open. That was to be my gift, my bane, for staring into the Eldritch Sun. Dutifully, I kept others at bay for centuries, filled their minds with horrors and visions of their own demise that they not repeat my mistakes.

Yet this one confounds me. He is undisturbed, driven, power-hungry. The priests made threats, and he laughed in their faces. Such arrogance in a such a fragile fleshy thing. And yet, he is brimming with potential.

My open eyes peer through the possibilities. The one that holds the leash is wounded, broken. Given these circumstances and enough attempts, the mortal may eventually succeed in satisfying his hunger. But would his reign be any more just? His heart is as black as the writhing darkness, but he is not mad; he could be reasoned with.

Many roads to follow, but only one shines clearly before me, but one leads to my ultimate victory. The Eldritch Sun must set, and a new order must rise in its stead: the sorcerer, the priestess and the guardian, equal and not. Yes, it will not be enough to merely bring the sorcerer to his goal. The Everliving Flame needs to be extinguished from the path. His immortal heart shattered by betrayal; and the one that wraps her web around his very soul will be the very same that binds our prize.

No doubts remain in the infinity. My course is set. Now I must merely ensure that the other pieces fall in line. All other threads will be cut, until the one true path remains...the path of Dreeg.

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