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The Korvan Elegy - Part 1

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This note is found in a secret area in the eastern corner of the Tomb of the Eldritch Sun (first level).

We do not know where he hails from. Nobody we spoke to knows him. What drew this sorcerer to our lands confounds us, but it is his disregard for our ways, our very faith, that brought him to my attention.

I've received numerous complaints of this...Solael visiting religious sites and temples and showing utter disregard for procedure or ritual. It is almost as if he's searching for something, but what? I cannot say. His private home in the outer reaches of the Cairan Docks, acquired with a satchel of foreign gold, I am told, has been sighted giving off an eerie glow in the middle of the night, much like the divine's Eldritch light. I feel that it is only a matter of time before he conjures his own undoing by delving into matters he is not meant to and drawing the ire of the Eldritch Sun.

I know not what folly the sorcerer plans, but he is quickly becoming a danger to the Korvan faith and a menace to its people. We must not let dissidents unravel what is presently a fragile situation. With the Eldritch Sun silent and none allowed to seek his providence, we must take these matters into our hands.

I've dispatched the temple's elite guard to handle this concern. Nobody's going to miss a reclusive sorcerer; and besides, he is a stranger to these lands after all. What's one more unidentified body in the river...

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