The Journal of Duke Cavanil

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his note is found inside the dungeon of Tyrant's Hold.

This makes no sense. I have been ordered to dismiss my army without pay. Furthermore they have given the men their weapons and armor as final payment. What are they thinking?

This order can only result in anarchy. Half these men will become bandits or worse. If dismissed without pay, they won't have a second thought about turning their blade against the Empire. Without this garrison, the grobles will reclaim this area unchallenged. The road from Darkvale to Devil's Crossing will become impassable.

We have been holding this fort since the fall of the Dranghoul savages, but they keep pressing to take it back. I have requested more men and weapons from Erulan and this is the response I get in return? Madness! I have half a mind to ignore this decree, and if my wife and son were here with me, I would.

Upon further reflection, these men might also turn against me. Not that I feel I have mistreated them, but they could easily view me as part of the aristocracy that has put them in this predicament. I must leave before they receive this news or I fear I will never see my family again.

Duke Cavanil, Commander of Fort Tyrant