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The Infernal Knight

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"Armor of Gallros Val, better known as the Infernal Knight of the Black Legion."

The Infernal Knight is a level 75 Legendary Item Set.

Pieces[edit | edit source]

Infernal Knight's Faceguard Icon.png Infernal Knight's Jacket Icon.png Infernal Knight's Pauldrons Icon.png Infernal Knight's Girdle Icon.png
Infernal Knight's Faceguard Infernal Knight's Jacket Infernal Knight's Pauldrons Infernal Knight's Girdle

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

1/4 none
2/4 +6% Health
30% Reduction in Burn Duration
3/4 +8% Total Speed
20% Bleeding Resistance
20% Vitality Resistance
4/4 +3 to Blackwater Cocktail
+3 to Thermite Mine

Granted Skills

Call Forth the Inferno (10% Chance on Attack)
Infernal flames burst out from the earth beneath your foes.
3 Second Skill Recharge
3 Second Duration
8 Meter Target Area
5 Target Maximum
72-115 Fire Damage
180 Burn Damage over 2 Seconds

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