The Hidden Path - Solael

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This note is dropped by the Guardian of Solael in the secret Hidden Path area of the Broken Hills.

You have traveled far, seeker, and seen much, but still the veil between worlds blinds you to the deeper truths. You stumble about the world we inhabit, eager for answers that the Empire and its Luminari deny. They think us heretics, followers of false gods, and yet none of them can claim to have witnessed the power of their deities. Their... illusions. Show me the cripples that Menhir has cured; the armies that Oleron has toppled; the beasts that Mogdrogen spared from the hunt. You cannot, because they are not real. But the Witch Gods, born of man, had ascended to raise us from our own ignorance. If you are willing to listen, they may open your eyes as well.

You now stand before the shrine of Solael, the youngest of the Three. Eldritch fire is at his behest, the very essence of the eldritch realm his to mold and shape as he sees fit. Clothed in black robes that hide his gaunt frame, Solael glides unseen through the shadowy veil to hunt unwitting mortals for their vitality. Many a devout of Solael had been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice, to present themselves before the dark god and offer their life so that Solael may bestow his infinite wisdom upon those that remain.

You, worthy seeker, do not yet have the attention of the gods, but know that with each step you take you bring yourself closer to the Three. Go now to the frozen lands of the north, where primitive tribes had constructed standing stones ages ago. Armed with the words of Solael and Dreeg, the way shall be opened to you.