The Hidden Path - Bysmiel

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This note is dropped by the Guardian of Bysmiel in the secret Hidden Path area of the Asterkarn Road.

At last, brave seeker, you arrive at the final shrine, the sacred grounds of Bysmiel the Schemer. Through her vast web of servants, Bysmiel tugs on the strings of fate that bind us all. It was she who taught the first occultists in the art of binding eldritch beings and it is through her machinations that the empire is still aimlessly hunting us to this day, their inquisitors confounded by the endless weave of decoys and dead ends. Only a chosen few are privileged to witness even a portion of the Schemer's vast network, and even they could never comprehend it in its entirety if given the opportunity.

By reaching this far, you too are now a part of Bysmiel's web, forever bound to what you have seen and heard. In your hands you now possess the secret to the Temple of the Three. If you are prepared to commit your very existence to the Witch Gods, then follow the clues contained therein. Your destiny awaits you at the sanctum.